Ok, so just thought I’d drop a quick update here about what’s been going on.

  1. Friendz is about 75% done and still on track for completion for the 30th of this month (April, 2009). I know you’re all eagerly (and not-so-eagerly) awaiting it’s completion, but I can defintely promise you all that it’s worth it.
  2. Foodizu is getting some updates over the past week or so, to streamline it more as we get more users and many more recipes. Over 100 recipes have been added this past week alone.
  3. On another note, at my day job, I just finished a month of re-coding a website at my day job that was previously an in-house ASP project and is now 100% wordpress / amemberpowered. You can see it here at safetycomplianceinsider.com. This project is an safety compliance website that is a companion to our print newsletter (also called Safety Compliance Insider). Lots of custom theme work to make that project happen nicely and quickly. There’s some more news, but that can wait a little while longer.