This past week, I redid the design for, and one of the things I wanted to add was an Industry News section. I thought about just making a page that was part of the template, but then I decided that I wanted to control the RSS feeds from the backend, so that began my work on this new plugin. newsPage is an RSS feed aggregator much like PopUrls or AllTop, two pretty popular web sites. This topic has been looked at before by lots of websites and it wasn’t something I was trying to repeat. What I was trying to repeat, was the idea of being able to give people a way to quickly turn sections of their blogs into news aggregation pages. You could easily use this plugin to make a website similiar to PopUrls, or you could use it to make a page that has all your industry news. There’s some more functionality I’ll be adding later, but this is the initial beta release, and it’s one I’m pleased with so far.

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