I’m trying to post on here every 2 days, so far, it’s once a week, but I’ll get that down better shortly.

Last week, I spent some money and set up a nice new Linux box to act as a file server / backup server / CVS server / etc.

I got the case a few months ago, it’s a mini tower because I didn’t need a full size tower for this computer. Picked up a ASUS mini-ATX board and an AMD Sempron 2400 CPU, then l picked up 512 Megs of RAM and a 120 Gig hard drive plus a DVD drive to go with it. I’m planning on adding more hard drives later, but 120 was all I needed right now.

Finally, I installed Fedora Core 3 on it and set it up next to my Mac Mini. Actually, the box is sitting on top of the desk, and the Mac is sitting on top of the box. They look nice that way and still leaves me lost of desk space thanks to both computers being small.

I have a KVM switch running between the two which works nicely for switching between the two computers :)

Now that that’s done, I have to work out a decent backup script to backup my web server onto that computer.

I also bought a new 3 MegaPixel Digital CamCorder. My last Camcorder got stolen last year when my house got robbed so I’d been planning on buying a new for the past year and this new one was fully digital and looks pretty cool. It stores pictures and video both to SDRAM card so then I can use the laptop to convert the videos straight into DVDs.

On other news, I’ve been busy with different other projects lately. Getting some new scripts ready to sell and doing some client work.

Basically, business as usual.