Like that word? It’s different isn’t it? This word was brought about randomly as part of a new theory in relativity.

What is Lineousity? Is it some brilliant new theory to prove how everything fits together?

No, not at all…

Lineousity is very simply, the theory that says that whatever line you are in, be it at a movie theatre, at a checkout or driving, the line next to you will always move faster. In fact, as soon as you move into this faster moving lane, the lane you just left will then start to double in speed and move faster than your new line.

Sometimes, it’s also possible to achieve Singular Lineousity. This is when all lines appear to move faster than you and you are left staying in one place while the people beside you, in front of you and even behind you increase their speed.

Ok… So maybe I’m just babbling after dealing with traffic on a Friday evening and this is all just something I came up with while getting tired of every other lane moving faster than me, but I’m sure there’s proof somewhere that Lineousity is real. :)